Chiropractic on Sydney’s north side

Chiropractors are university trained primary care practitioners who are registered with the Australian Governments Allied Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

What does that mean for me when I come to Healthness?

When you come to Healthness it means you are in good hands.

Like any regulated health care practitioner there are strict standards and regulations that need to be met for registration to be renewed each year.

Regular updating of skills and knowledge ensure your chiropractor is up to date with the best practices for your health.

Healthness chiropractic care is more than focusing on symptoms, it is about allowing the body the best opportunity to heal from within.

Chiropractors must complete 5 years or more of university training to ensure that their manual adjustment skills are of the highest standard.

A well trained chiropractor will focus on finding the cause of your issue rather than just taking into account your symptoms.


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At Healthness our chiropractors believe that your habits can play a determining role in the quality of life that you experience, if you have pain, why do you have pain?

Are there contributing factors in your everyday life that have attributed to you getting low back pain or neck pain?

Our chiropractic focus is on educating you so that you become more empowered after your treatment.

Move onto active care sooner, you will receive exercises (where appropriate) to do which will determine how your pain progresses in addition to your passive chiropractic treatment (where determined appropriate) or if required you will be given information for referral onto a specialist.

Chiropractic on Sydney’s West Lindfield, New South Wales, Australia.