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Why Healthness?
why is the body able to cope with so much then one day it decides enough is enough
There was an analogy about the feather, the brick and the anvil that I want to share with you…
Your body can only communicate with you through feelings or tickles, itches, aches and pains…

Often we will get a bit of an ache that might stop us and make us think something needs attention, most of the time it goes away after a little while or perhaps we massage it an we feel better, these are the feathers.

If we miss the message of the feather often we may get an ache or pain that lasts a day or an afternoon, (if we’re lucky)
this is the brick… it’s more noticeable than the feather but not so bad that we are incapacitated.

This is where it gets interesting, if we haven’t gotten the message the body is trying to tell us we need some rest or attention then things may add up and get worse and eventually after many ignored bricks, …the body throws us an anvil!

Generally this is the sort of excruciating pain that we can’t ignore, sometimes we head for the drugs or try to sleep it off… most often (unfortunately) this is sometimes where many may finally seek help from an Acupuncturist / Chiropractor / Physiotherapist / Massage therapist / Osteopath …

Keeping it simple, what does it mean to stay healthy?

more than an absence of disease, healthness is feeling health fully.

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